Unfailing Love Movie

A faithful husband in his relentless pursuit of his unfaithful wife. The story takes place in the DC Metro area over a 7-year period & includes a flashback of Hosea as an 8 year old child, where God tells him in a dream to marry a woman that He would reveal to him one day. Hosea has been searching his whole life to find the woman of his dreams. He meets Sonya & believes she is the one.... but God tells him no, it is Arianna the prostitute. Hosea also shares how following God is not all roses and blessings and how he was hated throughout this journey by people and his wife when he became a messenger for God.


Writer, Executive Producer, Director

Jewell R. Powell, starring as Diana, as she portrays the part of Diana, Hosea's mother. Jewell is the author of Marriage 101 and An Open Invitation: Bride, Make Yourself Ready! She is an inspirational teacher and has a heart & passion for helping Christians grow in their faith whereby much of her life is based on the power of faith, hope and love, as her work so eloquently portrays.

Director & Cinematographer

Richie Johns, Line Producer